What are the AdventureRooms?

AdventureRooms offers a Real-Life-Escape-Game for groups. In the standard game a team has to escape from a locked room within 60 minutes. You can find AdventureRooms in 13 countries all over the world. We’re offering a unforgettable event!

For which occasions are the AdventureRooms suitable?

AdventureRooms can be part of a birthday party or a wedding reception, companies can take great team-building events, reserve the course for your classes, enjoy an exciting adventure for families and groups of friends and have a lot of fun together.

Will there be new rooms?

Yes, we are currently planning two new games, one at each site!

Which dates are available?

Please have a look at our booking page to find free slots. We can’t answer e-mails concerning reservations. If you’re planning an event for your company or a bigger private party where you need more than one room please use the form to contact us. We can reserve some slots for you, depending on the size of your event, in case you need some time to think about it.

Can we play spontaneously?

We’re sorry, but no. You have to make an online reservation, because we have to make some preparations for each game.

How much is it?

You can find the current prices under prices, as soon as you have selected an appointment.


The price is per person.

How can i pay?

You have to pay in cash at our location.

Companies can request an invoice.

Are all the adventurerooms games the same?



All our games are completely different.

Only the original is the same all over the world.

How long does it take?

A normal games take 60 minutes. Adding to this, we need about 15 minutes for the instructions and debriefing. You’re set free no later than 1:30 h. A duel with two teams consists of two 30 minutes half times, a break of 15 minutes between them and a briefing about 15 min. According to this you can calculate with 1:45 h for a duel.

What is a duel?

Two teams with 4-6 people are playing against each other: Team A is starting already in Phase 3 of the game. They try to escape before Team B – starting in Phase 1 – will catch them. The roles will be switched after 30 minutes. Duel mode is available in our rooms Original Adventure Game and Black Lady.

Where are the AdventureRooms exactly?

We have two locations.

The first is at Fürstenriederstrasse 81 in Munich

The second location is at Einsteinstrasse 42 in Munich

Shall we arrive at the exactly given time or is it better to arrive earlier?

In the short break between two groups we have to clean up the rooms and prepare them for the next players so it’s not helpful if you arrive much earlier. We appreciate it if you arrive 2 or 3 minutes before the booked time. Please don’t be late. If necessary, we have to shorten your gaming time to ensure that the next group can start in time.

Can i park at AdventureRooms?

Public parking is nearby at both locations.

We recommend to take the U5 to Laimer Platz or Max Weberplatz.

How many people can play at once?

We recommend a maximum number of participants of 12 persons, ie 6 persons per group. For a higher number of participants we recommend the booking of two duels or an additional standard course. The ideal group size is between 3 and 5.

I would like to work for you as GameMaster. Are you currently looking for employees?

We are always looking for new employees.

Simply send a complete application with all the necessary documents to:


The number of participants has changed after the booking. What should we do?

As long as the maximum number of participants is not exceeded, this is no problem, so please do not write us mail. Just let us know the change at the reception. With fewer participants, the price per person sometimes increases slightly.

Can I play alone?

No. You must at least be 2 people.

Is the game offered in other languages?

Yes, you can complete the game in German and English. Please specify the desired language when you book the room. However, you don’t have to read much in order to solve the puzzles.

Do you offer vouchers?

Yes, we have thought of something special: you choose the amount for your voucher, and we deliver it to you in a wooden puzzle-box. Opening the puzzle box is, so to speak, the first step towards your visit at AdventureRooms (more information on the website).

How old do you have to be?

You must at least be 9 years old. Adolescents under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Is it dangerous?

The rooms are in no way dangerous and no physical effort (running, climbing, …) is required. As long as you follow the rules, the course should not be any more dangerous than visiting a restaurant. Of course, stumbling over or bumping in something is always and everywhere possible, so the participation is at your own risk.

Can pregnant women participate?

There is nothing to prevent pregnant women from participating, and we have had several pregnant women who successfully escaped from our rooms. Participation is at your own risk.

Can people with disability participate?

Unfortunately, we have some hurdles in front of the shop as well as in the game, which can not be overcome with a wheelchair.


However, with some skill, it is possible to play with crutches.

Are there other restrictions?

The game master may exclude inebriated people from the game.

We can not take care of babies or dogs: our game masters need to be able to concentrate on the game. For people who are afraid of closed rooms or being chained, our game is obviously not suitable. Claustrophobia, on the other hand, is usually not a problem, since the rooms are quite large.

Can we get pictures or videos of our adventure?

After the game, we can take group pictures and publish them on our Facebook page. Videos can not be offered at the moment.

Where do i find reviews from previous participants?

On the TripAdvisor page as well as on our Facebook page

Can we eat nearby?



We can recommend the restaurant Hiuras vis a vis on the Fürstenriederstrasse or

The Unions Bräu in the same building as our rooms at Einsteinstrasse.

We have a complaint. How can we contact you?

We are extremely sorry that you are dissatisfied with us. Please describe the problem in an email to:



and we will immediately contact you personally and do everything possible to solve the problem.