Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is an Escape Game?

Live Escape Games, Room Escape Games, Exit the Room, Escape the Room, Exit Games or Real Escape Games, they all have one thing in common – they are a game that combines puzzles, adventure and lots of fun. The well-known parlor game is no longer an insider tip.

Originally the first escape game was a computer game. The plot is quite simple: waking up in a strange room, there is only one thought – where is the way out? Doors and windows are blocked. Only with the help of objects that are hidden in the room an escape is possible.
A short time later, in 2007, Japan opened the first Live Exit Room game for small groups. Since then, leisure enjoyment has spread rapidly all over the world.

What are the AdventureRooms?

AdventureRooms offers a Real-Life-Escape-Game for groups. In the standard game a team has to escape from a locked room within 60 minutes. You can find AdventureRooms in 18 countries all over the world. We’re offering a unforgettable event!

What is a Duell?

Two teams with 4-6 people are playing against each other: Team A is starting already in Phase 3. The have to escape before Team B, which is starting in Phase 1, catch them. The roles will be switched after 30 minuts. We offer the duel in our game “Friendship”.

Can I come over spontaneously?

We’re sorry, but no. You have to make an online reservation, because we have to make some preparations for each game. You can only enter our place if you tell us your team-name at the bell. We also recommend to buy the voucher only, because we’re not on site all day.

Can I book from abroad?

At the moment our booking system allows orders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please enter the postal code with five digits (01234 instead of 1234). Visitors from other countries can use their visitor address in Munich.