For 2-12 Players and Groups up to 26 People

Three exciting exit rooms in Munich

Team Event 

Are you as friends, family or colleagues looking for a mysterious challenge? Are you planning your next company party, Christmas party or a club outing? Do you organize a bachelor party or a birthday?
Would your school class like to experience an unforgettable hiking day? How about an Escape Game? AdventureRooms Munich offers you a unique opportunity in unforgettable Escape Rooms. Make your day a highlight.

In a relaxed atmosphere and without physical exertion your team tries to find a way out before the 60 minutes run out. Your mind is your only weapon. On your own you’ll have to explore your surroundings, find hiding places and secret doors, decipher mysterious symbols and items, crack codes and find the right key for your escape.
Communication, teamwork and cleverness are essential to a successful escape.

Our exciting rooms are suitable for everyone between 9 and 99 (children and teenagers under 18 only with permission of an adult) and also large groups can play with us (up to 26 people).

100% Original Exit Games

100% Original Games

At AdventureRooms we place high value on the games’ quality. That’s why we develop all games in our labs and do not use blueprints.

Our Games

Heiliger Gral

Success rate50%


Also possible in duel mode
with up to 12 people (What is that?)

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Success rate40%

An enchanted land, a wonderland? Obviously, because you have shrunk to dwarf size and see no way to escape, unless you find the legendary mushroom that will return you to normal size!

No duel mode possible
(Up to 6 people)

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World Trip

Success rate20%

A fabulous treasure on a desert island, but where? The journey around the world begins, time is short, because the island threatens to sink, and so does the treasure! Be creative, be fast and win the race against time!

No duel mode possible
(Up to 6 people)

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Prices & Information


The bigger your group, the better it will be for the individual!

Bookings are binding. Cancellation is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the game.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your booking time.

Birthday kids Play on your birthday for free! (Only from 4 persons)

If you present a valid student ID card, you will receive a 10 % discount on your game price (ATTENTION! No group discount).

Our discount models cannot be combined with other discounts.


Standard Modus
2 players 40,00 € each
3 players 35,00 € each
4 players 30,00 € each
5 – 6 players 26,00€ each
duel mode (Learn more)
7-9 player
(duel mode)
26,- € pro Spieler
10-12 player
(duel mode)
24,- € pro Spieler


Gift Cards

Abenteuer Gutschein Magdeburg

Gift Card Info

Please order the voucher in our online shop. You may select between shipping and self-collect.

Teamevents at AdventureRooms

Fantastic worlds
Minutes time

An unforgettable adventure

Are you looking for an extraordinary idea for a teambuilding event or the next company celebration? You want to get to know your applicants in a special assessment center?
Would you like to organize your birthday party with us or are you still looking for a highlight for your stag party?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Lone fighters have no chance in our puzzle rooms. Successful escape requires not only talent and skill, but above all good communication and cooperation within the group.

Events up to 28 people

We have two locations in Munich. Each Location has enough space for up to 28 People to play. Create a unique event with us and let your employees solve exciting tasks in our rooms or compete against each other in teams. Be creative with us and take your employees into an exciting world of puzzles!

Contact us

How to find us

Fürstenriederstraße 81
80686 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 160 118 1546

With public transportation:

Our branch in the Fürstenriederstraße is located at Laimer Platz and is only 5 minutes away from the U5.

By car:

At this branch there are parking spaces directly in front of the door, which can be used for one hour on weekdays. But there are also some good parking possibilities nearby.





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