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100% Original Exit Games
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Fun and Action

You want to lock your students up?

We will gladly do that for you! Escape Games are the perfect event for school classes. You will have to riddle your way through an adventure Room and escape within the Time Limit of one hour. But in order to do so, you will have to work as a team and solve challenging puzzles and find hidden objects. Don´t worry though! All our rooms are kid-friendly. There are no shocking elements or inappropriate items in the rooms. 

Special Offer for School Classes!

We have a special offer for you! If you come with your school class during the Week (from Monday to Friday) then you can play for only 17,90 € per Person. Teachers can decide if they want to play with their class for free or if they want to stay outside and wait for their class until they escaped. 

How many students can play at once?

We have two locations in Munich. One Location is at the Laimer Platz in the Fürstenrieder Straße 81 (this Location has 3 Games in total) and our other location is at the Max-Weber-Platz in the Einsteinstraße 42 (this location has 2 Games in total). At each of our locations, you can play with up to 28 People simultaneously. 

If you are interested or you have questions, then feel free to give us a call at: +49 160 118 1546

Live Escape Game for that special experience

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